Our Story

Welcome to Art on 9th. This is not your typical gallery. We’re a new concept venue designed to showcase the work of artists looking for an exceptional space to temporarily exhibit and sell their work. Art on 9th consists of two exhibit areas, each featuring new work and new shows every few weeks. 

The brainchild of artist and entrepreneur, Michele Holland, Art on 9th is an idea ten years in the making. Early in her career as a full-time artist, she realized there were limited options for artists to show and sell their work. Traditional galleries charge high commissions and temporary spaces for solo shows rarely have the lighting or display space to truly showcase the work. After talking with other artists and hearing the same frustrations, Michele began working on a new model - one designed by and for artists.

IMG_9144 3.JPG

To be successful, the concept not only required a better business partnership with artists, it also had to be the right set-up in a high-energy, high-traffic location that attracted the right customers. Several years of searching and various experimental projects lead her to Inglewood. The result is Art on 9th - an exceptional space that shows each piece at its absolute best, combined with a model that allows artists to keep more of every sale. With new artists, new work and new curated shows every month Art on 9th is also a great space for art lovers, serious collectors and those who are just creatively curious.