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Alison Philpotts was born in Montreal, QC in 1965. She studied drawing and water colour through classes at the University of Calgary, and progressed to develop her own distinguished style and approach to painting in acrylics.

Alison is self taught, inspired by the masters, such as the Group of Seven, Cezanne, Degas, Van Gough and her father, who is an artist in his own right. Alison's work is primarily the result of the need to paint; it is both a challenge and an outlet;  a discipline and a passion. As her work is emotive, tempo/rhythm is important to continue the feeling that is to be expressed.  Inspiration for Alison's present work can pop up at any time and in any place. Acrylic paint is her favourite medium, as it dries quickly and is 'cleaner' than oils since her studio is based in her home.

Alison's paintings are a series of under paintings, layer after layer until the final image has built up and she is confident that there is nothing left to add. Alison's goal is to engage the viewer, to feel the beauty of surrounding nature, through the illusion of vibrant colour palettes. She defines her work as a balance between mastery of technique, an opinion to express and an emotional reaction.

Alison resides in Calgary, Alberta with her husband and two sons.