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Erin Brekke Conn is most well known for her stunning paintings of wildlife and unique landscapes. Conn’s art may take on an otherworldly appearance or may even embody a distinctive, almost human personality. There is a great variety of ways that she explores the nature motif, varying the depth of field, texture and palette. Most paintings are hard-edged graphic representations with angular precision, while others project feelings of movement as if the paintings are alive with spirit. Her most dazzling works employ the application of pointillism, where thousands upon thousands of raised dots adorn the canvas. “My art captures all the beauty nature embodies, with a unique twist,” she states.

Conn’s work has been featured in popular magazines, Fortis Alberta art wraps, ICE transportation passes and has completed a hundreds of commissioned pieces in addition to exhibiting in Canada, Italy and the United States. She lives and works in Airdrie, AB.