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Harvey Van Dyck Head Shot.png

I have always enjoyed nature and love spending time hiking in the mountains and cycling in the foothills. My paintings are inspired by nature and reflect the emotion my experiences evoke. 

Each painting I do is an experience.  I start the process by picking up the paintbrush, but at some point the painting seems to take over its own creation and I just support it.   

I remember as a young boy trying to copy cartoons drawn my father. My interest in art continued through the years, but it is since retirement that I have been able to spend more time and really explore my interest in painting.  I am for the most part self taught, but over the years I have spent time in various art courses and workshops. It has been learning from other artists, and experimenting with different techniques, that has helped me grow as a painter.  I have experimented with various mediums over the years, and since retiring have focused on acrylics.  I am thoroughly enjoying the time I can now commit to exploring the passion I feel for painting.