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Born in Vancouver, British Columbia Janie Lockwood has always been interested in Art.  Initially batiks were her focus which led to watercolours, oils and finally acrylics. Largely self taught she works primarily in mixed media: acrylics, collage and pastel on canvas or birch panels.

Travel is an important part of her life. She draws her inspiration in part from places she has visited. South East Asia; Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam and Bali are recent  areas of focus. 

Though largely self taught over the past 10 years she has taken over 30 workshops her instructors include: Nita Leland  from USA, Johnathon Talbot from USA, Isabelle Hunt of Calgary, Joan Federoshyn of Calgary, Jeremy  Mayne  of Calgary,  Dianna Ponting from B.C., Anthony Steffes from Manitoba, Brian  Atyeo from Nova Scotia, and Mike Svob from B.C.  “Learning from the best instructors available” was a piece of advice Janie has taken to heart.

 “My focus has been to emphasize the beauty of nature by simplifying and abstracting my subject. Whether it’s flowers, landscapes or skies. In doing this I hope to create a feeling of mystery and entice the viewer to feel involved with my work.”