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John Bladek is an emerging artist who has developed a unique style of oil painting which he calls “geometric”.  Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, John’s first exposure to painting was in a grade 12 art class where he was influenced by the work of Group of Seven artist Lawren Harris.  With university degrees in geology and geography John moved to Calgary and worked in the oil and gas industry for 25 years before retiring. Although he had a keen interest in art, John created only 3 paintings in almost 40 years after that first art class. At the suggestion of a friend, John took up painting again in late 2015, a year after that he developed his unique style.

 “this style of painting presents a huge mental and technical challenge, once the basic underpainting is done all of the final geometric shapes are painted by hand with no taping, guides, stencils or drawing, every painting is like a puzzle that I have to create as I go”.  

John also creates paintings in another unique style. His “Fish Figments” paintings are colourful, abstract depictions of fish flowing among geometric shapes.  He encourages viewers of these paintings to let their minds flow with the fish.  As with the “geometric” paintings, all elements are painted freehand.

John is enrolled in a Continuing Education visual arts program at the Alberta College or Art and Design (ACAD) in Calgary.

John paints in Nova Scotia and in Calgary, Alberta.