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I was born in Calgary, Alberta in 1951.  After living at Whistler in the 70”s I studied undergraduate and graduate economics at the University of Alberta and University of Calgary then did graduate work at the Japan American Institute of Management Science in Hawaii and Sophia University in Japan.  After doing graduate research at the Bank of Japan I joined the Alberta Government Foreign Office in Japan and lived in Tokyo for 15 years before returned to Calgary with my husband in 1996. We continue to spend time between Calgary and Tokyo. I have always enjoyed art and studied printmaking, calligraphy, sumie, and ceramics in Japan.  After returning to Calgary I took drawing, painting and ceramics classes.  In 2003 I began more formal art studies and taking courses at the Alberta College of Art and Design and the University of Calgary. 

Art is a visual literacy which helps our understanding or comprehension of ourselves and other cultures.   By studying art we are more likely to respect people and cultures foreign to us and by comparison see more within our own culture.  My work is taken from a response to the landscape and a feeling of coming home.   I am motivated by the vastness and solitude of the Alberta landscape and although there is stillness and peacefulness there is also movement and change.   My goal is to depict the fundamental essence of the landscape and simplify this into its basic elements.