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Karen Biko is a local Calgary Artist who specializes in Abstract Artwork.  Her style blends colours with swirls and dots that bring energy and motion to her artwork and these have become a signature that is recognizable in the various mediums she tries.  Always on the lookout for new opportunities, Karen has donated her time and knowledge to charities by painting musical instruments, performing live painting, and leading fun art classes for those who want to find their own inner creativity.

Karen is an Independent Artist who actively shows with various groups around the Calgary area.  Formally trained as an Interior Designer, her Art has a contemporary aspect that is ideal for modern construction, and commercial applications.  From small hand-painted cards, to large scale installations, she is always up for a challenge! 

"Painting to me is as much about emotion and intention as it is structure and technique.  My goal with each piece is to create something that speaks to me and generates interest for others.  I love it when people talk about my work, seeing and feeling different things, everyone has their own interpretation.

I tend to work on many different paintings at the same time, often having dozens on the go until they have reached their completion.  Some come together quickly, but others wait several years to be ready for the final signature."