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Lesley Bergen was born in Milton, Ontario and spent her childhood in Ontario, Florida and British Columbia.  She had a fondness for drawing as a child and her favourite school subject was always art class.

Lesley completed the Art in Merchandising program from Langara College in Vancouver and started off in the animation industry.  While she lived in Vancouver, Lesley's painting and folk art were carried at a shop called Folkart Interiors.  Her art found its way into collections and homes as well as several restaurants.  A fun thrill for Lesley was seeing one of her paintings in an episode of the X-Files called “The Red Museum”. 

In more recent years, Lesley took a keen interest in keeping sketchbooks while taking courses through Sketchbook Skool which led her to author her own colouring book “Room to Colour”.  Lesley has and always will have an insatiable appetite for learning all things artistic including wood working, photography and the needle arts but her main focus has been painting with her noted ‘dot’ style.

She currently lives in Calgary, Alberta with her husband, Patrick and their dog Scarlett. When she is not creating art Lesley enjoys swimming in their community lake, running, hiking, yoga and spending time with family.