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Louise Savoie_Resized.jpg

Louise Savoie moved from Montreal to Calgary in 2002.  Interior designer by profession, she has been devoting her time to painting for the last 9 years. Under the guidance of Doug Swinton and Erika Neumann, she painted representational subjects.  Over the years, she consistently sold her work through group shows, mainly with Elements Pop Art Group. Wanting to explore new avenues, she is presently studying under American abstract painter, Nicholas Wilton.  She enjoys creating abstract art using mixed mediums.  Her process is more physical and consists of painting many pieces simultaneously. She layers multiple coats on each panel while responding to value, design and color, and alternates from one panel to the other until they are finished.  The abstract nature of the paintings allows the viewer to respond freely and personally to what they are seeing. Showing at Art on Ninth gallery is her first opportunity to exhibit exclusively abstract paintings.