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Schaetzle, Sheila.jpg

Sheila grew up on the Northern shores of New Brunswick, a small coastal town known for its majestic scenary; and the subject of many of her paintings.  Her love for art began at a young age, filling sketchbooks as a child and studying art throughout school. She decided to pursue art more seriously in 1998 with night classes, as well as learning from books and experimentation.  Working with oils, acrylics and mixed media, she loves exploring different techniques. Sheila paints quickly with bold brush marks and layers of translucent colours, using techniques that have developed over time. She describes her process as “freeing,”. Working from sketches and exploring broad ideas.  It suits her personality to focus intensely on the task at hand; analyzing and contemplating.  The thought process can be lengthy.  Working out details before returning to the easel.