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Born in Ontario, Canada in 1969, Stephen moved with his family to Vancouver, BC in 1978, then onto Calgary, Alberta in 1984, where he now resides.   Stephen was educated at the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary, and has worked as a professional artist since 1994 as a painter, muralist, and fine art instructor.  His art draws on both contemporary and traditional styles, with a special focus on western Canadian themes.  

Part of Stephen’s growth as an artist has come from his travels throughout Canada, the US and Europe.  Having resided in various regions of Canada, he is inspired by diverse landscapes, including the western prairies, grasslands and foothills, Canadian Rockies, Pacific Coast, and rugged terrain of Eastern Canada.   Stephen has been influenced by many Canadian Artists, and has an appreciation of the works of the Group of Seven.   He has also been influenced by the example and instruction of many professional artists, and strives to work in a mutual learning community through open discussion, inquiry and respect.

Stephen has had opportunities to work in important historical sites throughout North America, including Charleston, South Carolina.  His artwork can be found in private and corporate collections.  His clientele has consisted of many local businesspersons who have commissioned paintings for both their businesses and private homes.  In addition, Stephen’s original concept development and unique designs for his fine art and mural work, small and large scale, can be seen in various businesses, private homes, and public spaces.  

Stephen enjoys working primarily in oils, but also works in other mediums, including acrylics and watercolors.  In addition to landscape, portraiture (people and pets) and other subject matter of interest to clientele are always considered.   Stephen will create custom (commission) pieces to client specifications and satisfaction.