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Sue Contini has spent her lifetime committed to art and the art-making process. Her childhood as a military kid served her art well – her pencils and paints were a constant companion in the many moves her family made, and the world travels she had the opportunity to experience. Her grandmother, Violet, was an artist too, who encouraged Sue’s interests in weaving, pottery, and painting from the time she was tiny. Sue attended the prestigious Canterbury High School for the Arts in Ottawa, which led to an Honours degree at York University, specializing in Visual Arts and Art History. Since then, Sue has been spending her time art-making, and teaching painting to anyone who will let her! Sue has been an instructor at Swinton’s Art Studios for many years and also takes her love of art and artists into the classrooms of many schools in Calgary. She is both inspired and fascinated by the light and colour in the world around her. Sue’s painting style has been described as 'courageous’; joy and energy dominate her depictions of place. . . the environs where she sees comfort, the places she's been and wants to be. Painting is both a passion and a mission for Sue, a way to communicate energy and environment through the continual growth process that art-making is. Her work is part of many private and corporate collections in North America, Europe and Australia.