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Tammy Fischer is a fourth generation Calgarian.  She is influenced by where she is from, her experiences and the beautiful landscapes around her, the impact of these experiences can be seen in her work, what she creates and her own personal style shine through because of this beautiful place.  Her love of color and working with many different mediums as she plays with shapes and forms to create mixed media pieces that are thoughtfully put together, as an investigation of ideas and the exploration of place, which are all part of the journey of discovery.

 The past shapes and moulds us, as does where we have been.  Tammy creates to explore her past and where she has been, always with an eye to the future and waiting to see what it is we will leave behind.  The pieces she builds are layered and fashioned to reflect shapes, forms and movement; these functions depend upon each other, dissolving the physicality and solidity of form, creating a vibration of movement the possibility of seeing sound.  Landscape is the work of the mind; scenery is built up of the strata of layers of rock as much as it is built up of strata of memory and senses.